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About Us

The Gallery of Everything is a consignment art and antiques gallery featuring the collective works of several local artists.  You will find anything from recycled metal sculpture to fine paintings or even whimsically hand painted furniture and jewelry.   We were originally known as "The Everything Gallery" and were located on Ammons St. which is now home to a wonderful little yoga community called "Container Collective".  We closed the Everything Gallery in November 2014 and the decision was made to reopen our doors with the help of Bill Marino of 40 West Arts District. Our new location is directly west of Casa Bonita in the store that was once known as The Magic Shop.  We are proud to be members of the 40W Arts movement and wouldn't have found our new home without the help of Bill  Marino~ to whom we owe a big  THANK YOU!  

Lauri Ennis:
Lauri has lived and created in the North Lakewood area for almost 30 years. She creates wonderful jewelry which is available at the Gallery of Everything. She is a magnanimous woman with a vibrant personality. She has a vast knowledge of crystals, stones and etc. 


Judy Cybuch:
Judy meets with all of the new artists. She's a gregarious woman who enjoys working in the arts world. Judy has many talent's and most notably the furniture she restores and sells in the Gallery is amazing. In her down time she creates amazing pieces of recycled art.